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Initial Consultation Report dated 5-8-19

Quote for Research Recommendations dated 5-8-19

Research Results & Recommendations dated 6-25-19

Quote for Research Recommendations dated 6-25-19


00. Pedigree Chart for Elsie Mingle at Project Start dated 5-8-2019

01. Pedigree Chart for Elsie Mingle after Phase One dated 6-24-2019

BAIRD - 1840 Federal population census, Tyrone, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Household of S. Blair

BAIRD - 1870 Federal population census, Tyrone, Blair, Pennsylvania, Family No. 2

BAIRD - 1910 Death Record for Mrs. Mary Baird

List of Negative Findings after Phase One dated 6-24-2019

MINGLE - 1840 Federal population census, Berkeley, Virginia, Household of Jacob Mingle - POSSIBLE

MINGLE - 1850 Federal population census, Warriors Mark township, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Family No. 148 - POSSIBLE

MINGLE - 1860 Federal population census, Snyder, Blair, Pennsylvania, Family No. 814

MINGLE - 1863 Civil War Draft Registration for George Mingle

MINGLE - 1889 Obituary for George Mingle

MINGLE - 1894 Obituary for Rebecca Mingle

MINGLE - 1930 Federal population census, Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland, Family No. 15

MINGLE - 1932 Obituary for Eliza B. Mingle

MINGLE - 1940 Federal population census, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, Household of George Mingle

SPOERRI - 1892 New York State census, Poughkeepsie, E.D. 4, Dutchess, New York, Household of John Spoerie

SPOERRI - 1893 Birth Index Entry for John P. Spoeri

SPOERRI - 1893 Birth Index Entry for Magdalena Spoeri

SPOERRI - 1900 Federal population census, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York, Family No. 356.

SPOERRI - 1918 Obituary 'Mrs. Elizabeth Epplemann Dead' Published in the Poughkeepsie Eagle News on Monday, May 6th 1918 on Page Two

SPOERRI - 1935 'Rev. Bohrer to Preach Here Sunday on Parents' Golden Anniversary' Published in The Poughkeepsie Evening Star and Enterprise, Thursday, December 26th 1935, page 4

SPOERRI - 1940 Obituary for Mrs. George Bohrer Dies at Daughter's, Published in The Poughkeepsie Eagle News, Monday, June 24th 1940, Page 18

SPOERRI - 1942 Obituary for George Bohrer Sr. Published in The Canajoharie Courier, Canajoharie, New York, on January 29th 1942, Page 5

Last updated on June 25, 2019