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Tara A. Fantauzzi

Tara A. Fantauzzi

Founder & Genealogist

Tara is proficient in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Latin, and is skilled in many languages including German, Dutch, and Flemish Dutch. Her work has included projects ranging from the 18th to 20th centuries spanning areas in Europe, North America, South America, and parts of Asia.

Academic Qualifications

M.A. in Public History | B.A. in Anthropology What is public history?

State University of New York at Albany


Member of The Association of Professional Genealogists, Daughters of the American Revolution, and Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society.   

Special report with NEWSCHANNEL 13's elaine houston

February is “Black History Month,” but when it comes to discovering their family history, some African Americans run into a roadblock because of slavery in the United States. NewsChannel 13's Elaine Houston has been wondering about her ancestors who were slaves and the impact they made on her family. Houston says she has lived a great life, traveled the world, wrote a book, produced documentaries, but she has never known who she really is -- that is, until now. Click here for the full story.

Click the images below to watch the videos and learn more about Tara and Elaine.

Tara A. Fantauzzi conducts professional genealogy research based on an hourly rate. Clients are only charged for time spent researching. Initial consultations, document analysis, and research reports are always included free, and there is no minimum project size to begin.

For every hour spent on research, clients receive 2-4 hours of additional work on analysis and reporting.



ORAL & WRITTEN SUMMARY REPORTS | Every project includes the delivery of an oral summary report in-person, over the phone, or via skype, accompanied by a written interpretation of research findings and Document Appendix with document images, transcriptions, and translations.

Always included free.



.GEDCOM FILE | Standard database file type for genealogical research compatible with family history software applications including Ancestry.comFamily Tree Maker, and more; enabling clients to publish and print instant family trees and explore the most intimate details of their family history research.

Always included free.


Communicating the meaning of your research findings is at the heart of what we do.

DOCUMENT APPENDIX | Login to your free Capital Genealogy Evernote account to view and download every document Tara discovers researching your family history

TRANSCRIPTIONS | Difficult to read documents are accompanied by an English transcription

TRANSLATIONS | Every document in a foreign language is accompanied by its English translation

Always included free.


Capital Genealogy's reports adhere to the strictest professional and academic standards.

Standard of Proof is a fundamental concept in genealogical research. Before beginning your project, click the image on the right to view The Genealogical Proof Standard published by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. All research at Capital Genealogy is conducted in accordance with BCG Standards. 

The Association of Professional Genealogists publishes guidelines for hiring a professional. Click the image on the right to view their recommendations on what to consider when hiring a professional genealogist.


straightforward Genealogical services contract 

Capital Genealogy contracts are powered by DocuSign, allowing customers to securely sign and manage their contract online from any device with the most widely used e-signature solution in the market. Click here to review a Sample Capital Genealogy Contract, which includes our current research rates.

Starting your project with Capital Genealogy

Every project begins with Capital Genealogy's free consultation process in person, by e-mail, mail, telephone, or skype. We will closely review all of your existing evidence (documents, letters, photographs, etc.), including up to four hours of Tara's time for every new customer. This stage is essential to the success of her work, and is required to ensure we can identify every possible avenue for research. Please download our Welcome Packet today to begin our research process today. 

What to expect when beginning a project

Tara is our only genealogist, ensuring every client's project is completed with the highest standards for academic and professional integrity. You always know who you are working with when you start a project with Capital Genealogy. 

Our commitment to philanthropy means as much as one third of Tara's time is spent working on donated service hours. When combined with the company's free comprehensive initial consultation services, these efforts represent as much half of the genealogist's time.

If you have a reason why your case should be expedited the business office will consider requests on a case by case basis. Typically, each stage of the research process will take between seven to ten weeks. We promise its worth the wait!


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Tara A Fantauzzi

founder and genealogist

Chris Patregnani

business manager/director of giving



Tara has chosen to rely on philanthropy as the sole method for spreading awareness of her company and its services. Contact us today and join the growing list of charities supported by Capital Genealogy. Since the company was founded, Tara has contributed to more than 1,000 charity events each year.

Capital Genealogy generously donates to most causes or charities. If you are a charity representative or volunteer working on an event, please e-mail us your silent auction donation letter and/or silent auction donation form. If you work for a charity and have already received a donation, please feel free to click the images below to download our Display Flyer and Logo.

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Click here to download an 8.5" x 11" Color Flyer for Display in your silent auction

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Click here to download the Capital Genealogy logo for recognition and display purposes