Capital Genealogy Welcome Packet

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Please identify the focus of your research. You can be specific, "e.g. my maternal great grandfather" or provide a more general description, "e.g. my mother's lineages."
In a few sentences, please describe what you want to discover about your ancestor(s). If you have more than one goal, please describe each of your goals. Please be as specific as possible as you describe your challenge, "e.g. unable to find place of origin, vital record, immigration record, gravesite, interested in dual citizenship, lineage society, etc." or describe your current "brick wall."
Please provide a list of dates and locations where your ancestors lived during their lifetime. Please be as specific as possible. Please feel free to provide information about any vital events in this section, including date and location of births, marriages, deaths, immigration, naturalization, etc. To help visualize your response in this section, please feel free to download and complete the blank pedigree chart with the link at the bottom of the page.
Why are you seeking a professional? Please include a description of the obstacles you have encountered so far, "e.g. lack of time, inability to translate documents, inability to interpret script, unable to locate appropriate archives or collections," and let us know what interests you most about genealogy or how you found us, "e.g. I like watching genealogy shows on TV or I won a gift certificate at a charity event."
What is the best time to get ahold of you? Are available weekdays and/or weekends? Do you prefer calls before 9 am, between 9am and 5pm, or after 5pm? Do you prefer contact by phone or email?

Important Next Steps

Tara will need to review information about your family and/or all of your past research (we include up to four hours of free review with every project). In addition to completing the welcome packet answers, please provide as much information as possible about your family so we can firmly establish the starting point for your research.

If you have questions about the type of information we are looking for in this phase, please don't hesitate to contact Chris at 518-348-9334 or and we can schedule an appointment to collect your starting point information over the phone in an interview format.

Please submit your past research for detail initial case review:

If you have documents and family information on an ancestry account:

Please click here to read instructions on how to share your tree and share with ancestry username 'capitalgenealogy'

If you have documents and family information as digital files:

Please email all files to If files are too large for email please upload to Google Drive or Dropbox and share a link to download the files.

if you have documents and family information in hard files:

Please make copies of your files and mail to Capital Genealogy, 59 Pico Road, Clifton Park, NY 12065. Many customers with hard copies also choose to scan their documents to create images, or they use their smart phones to take high resolution pictures of their files.

Click here to download a Blank Pedigree Chart